Dog Walking

Whether you are out at work all day or cannot walk your dog for some other reason we can help, because we all know that exercise is an essential part of your dogs daily routine and helps to keep them fit, healthy, happy and contented.  But we also know that as much as you love your dog, you can’t be in two places at once, so we offer our dog walking service throughout the day.

Our aim is to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day, giving them an opportunity to play, socialise and explore new sights and smells.  This can also help to relieve boredom and separation anxiety, which can lead to unwanted behaviours such as chewing and constant barking.  We can walk your dog on a regular or adhoc basis, usually over the lunch time period to break up the day for your dog.

We only walk with small groups of dogs, however we can also offer individual walks which are ideal for nervous dogs and puppies.

Your dog will be exercised in a safe space and return home contented and tired after a fun walk with us.  We also provide fresh water, yummy treats and towel your dog off in wet weather.

Who would benefit from our Dog Walking Service?

  • Owners who may have regular work commitments
  • Owners who are called away at short notice
  • Elderly
  • Hospitalised
  • Recuperating following injury or illness
  • Change in personal circumstances
  • Anyone who just wants the day off!

Our Safety Policy for Dogs

  • It is highly recommended that all pets have ID and properly fitted collars.
  • We will carry your vets’ details and two emergency contact numbers of friends or relatives, in the case of an unforeseen circumstance arising.
  • Dogs will be provided with fresh water at all times.
  • For safety reasons we will not walk aggressive dogs.
  • we cannot walk male dogs over one that have not been neutered or bitches in season.
  • For group walks, it is required that dogs have current vaccinations, worming and flea treatment for the protection of each dog in the group.

Please contact us on 07561 109525 or email us on and we will arrange to meet you and your dog beforehand, at a time that suits you, to make introductions and to talk through our dog walking service.  This is an initial FREE, no obligation visit because we feel it is important to introduce ourselves to both you and your dog(s) to give you confidence that they are in the best possible hands.